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Indooroopilly, March 31 2008, 9.30pm

Indooroopilly, March 31 2008, 9.30pm

As incredible as it may sound (I have to admit it does sound incredible even to me) I wish to report a SECOND even more spectacular sighting.

Prior to the sighting on March 25 neither I nor my wife had ever seen a UFO. But tonight (March 31) at about 9:30pm, I was again with my wife on our darkened front deck about to drink tea before turning in when we saw something in the sky even more baffling than whatever it was we saw less than a week ago. (I should note that we have only recently begun sitting on the deck at night. A practice I’m very tempted to discontinue!)

I was standing at the front railing looking vaguely in the direction of the grouping of stars known as ‘The Saucepan’ (Orion) just above the bush reserve directly across the street. Suddenly there was movement in the sky and I clearly saw a boomerang or inverted ‘V’-shaped object flying south, originating at approximately the point of the Saucepan. It was different in appearance to the first craft I reported. That object looked like a ‘V’ or eagles wing shape covered in a myriad of pinhole sized lights. Tonight’s object looked like a boomerang or an inverted -V’-shape with lights outlining the shape of the craft. I estimated 40 to 50 lights but my wife thinks there may have been less. My wife thought the lights looked coloured but to me they appeared white. I am however slightly colour-blind. Also she couldn’t identify any specific colour.

The craft we witnessed tonight looked larger and there were fewer and larger lights than the previous craft. However tonight’s craft may have been flying at a much lower altitude in which case the lights would appear larger. Like the other craft the lights were clear but dull and faint and gave the object a ‘ghostly’ appearance. Also, its difficult to explain but it didn’t fly the way a plane flies.

We watched the craft fly in a southerly direction, looking very big and clear in the sky. It made no sound that we could hear. The previous craft ‘dissolved’ after three or four seconds, but we were watching this thing for about ten seconds or more until it reached midway in the sky between the Saucepan and the Southern Cross. Then the craft completely changed shape, breaking into several very strange semi-geometric light formations before pulling back into a boomerang shape. Almost as soon as the boomerang shape reformed the lights seemed to stretch into a thin line somewhat like stretching a rubber band by pulling at both ends. An instant later the lights had ‘dissolved’ into the night sky just like the first one. My wife believes this was not a single craft but a formation of smaller craft, but it had the appearance of a solid craft to me because of the rigid fixed distance between the lights as it flew.

One more thing. I got the strange notion that this thing wanted to be seen by us for some reason and that when it ‘pulled apart’ into different formations or shapes it was doing so for our benefit. However this feeling may have been nothing more than my imagination. I must have said “Did you see that?” and “you saw it too didn’t you?” quite a few times because my wife told me to stop repeating myself!

Seeing one UFO is intriguing. Seeing two in less than a week is very disturbing. I might begin to doubt my eyesight if my wife had not seen these things too. She is a very sensible, down to earth person not given to flights of imagination. I feel I should mention that we were both stone cold sober and neither of us ever engage in any kind of drug taking.


Indooroopilly, Queensland, Australia


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