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Indooroopilly, March 25 2008, 8.55pm

Indooroopilly, March 25 2008, 8.55pm

At approximately 8.55pm on Tuesday 25th March 2008 my wife and I were sitting on the front deck of our house in Indooroopilly, which faces a bush reserve across the street. We were sitting in the dark enjoying the quiet of the evening and the sky was fairly clear with a few stars visible. Suddenly I saw what appeared in my peripheral vision to be an enormous bird of prey gliding silently into view overhead and heading south.

When I looked directly at it I realised it was nothing like a bird but was a ‘V’ or delta shaped object, somewhat delicate in appearance with wings spread slightly upward and reminiscent of a gliding eagle. The wings were very long and slender and covered in tiny white lights which were quite faint. The lights did not blink. It made no sound whatsoever. I pointed it out to my wife who also saw it. It was not possible to estimate its size or altitude. If it was flying at a very low altitude it may have been about the size of a light aircraft. However the faintness and pinprick size of the lights seemed to indicate it may have been much higher in which case the object would have been very large. After being visible for about three and a half seconds (at most) it seemed to ‘dissolve’ into the night sky and was no longer visible.

It looked absolutely nothing like a bird, any known aircraft or a weather balloon. It was not a reflection on a cloud. It appeared to be some kind of craft flying a determined course.


Indooroopilly, Queensland, Australia


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