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Indalia/Oonoonba, Wednesday August 15 2012, afternoon

Indalia/Oonoonba, Wednesday August 15 2012, afternoon

My fiancé came home on Wednesday afternoon and said he’d seen a UFO in the skies over the Idalia/Oonoonba and Railway Estate area. He said it was white, really white, and could only describe it’s shape as a hair dryer, or a p***s shape, and that it had shiny silver things, which on his sketch look a little like boomerang shapes, on the underneath of it. He was driving to our house and said it moved way too fast across the sky to be a normal aircraft and his theory is ‘they’ make you second guess what you’ve seen because no one wants to say they saw something shaped like a p***s, so maybe they’ll just say nothing at all!


Oonoonba, Queensland, Australia


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