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Inala, Brisbane 1987 [reported July 26 2002]

Inala, Brisbane 1987 [reported July 26 2002]

A man was driving his car when he saw 2 green lights in the bush on the side of the road that seemed to be pacing his car. He stopped the car and approached the lights on foot. The lights changed to yellow then red. He quickly got back in the car and took off and the lights followed him. He went to a party not long after the incident and heard someone else reporting the same thing happening to them in the same area. On another occasion 2 years ago he observed a bright light above tree tops at Rosewood at 2am. He has also seen 2 silvery cigar-shaped objects when he was young. He also reported a friend of his driving from Ayres Rock to Winton when a light came towards him and seemed to merge into the car headlights. The caller also stated he had been to the UFO Museum in the USA and met Glen Dennis, the mortician involved with the Roswell incident.


Inala, Queensland, Australia


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