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I did not see this object at the time of taking the photo(s) x 4

I did not see this object at the time of taking the photo(s) x 4

I was on holiday in Cairns, Australia in January, early 2000’s (2003/4)and took a trip up to Kuranda on the railway. Whilst at the top of Kuranda village, walking around, and thereafter going down via Gondola, I took a series of photographs. Years later – (2017) – when I received my old photographs stored in my family home after the passing of my mother – on careful inspection of the photographs from this time I detected what appears to be a huge craft hovering over the rooftops of the Daintree Rainforest – (white in colour, clearly visible against the greenery of the rainforest canopy). In addition, there are two more photographs, on one of them there is visible a distinct shape (I think made by the craft hovering at this site) etched into the canopy of the rainforest which has made a yellowish colour, (which was not visible by the naked eye) – although has come out on the photograph. The other photograph is a closer shot of the area (taken from the top of Kuranda village) – depicting strange white moving (? smaller craft) within the area.
All of the above are captured on four photographs.

Please note that prior to, and siince the awareness of these photographs (taken on film camera) – I have had many sightings/experiences with UFO’s within the U.K. and other countries, the latest being in Canada, Calgary.




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