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Hoppers Crossing (Vic), December 21 2009, 10.55pm

Hoppers Crossing (Vic), December 21 2009, 10.55pm

I was standing in my back yard emptying a used by can of drink and while looking up towards the starts a saw this unusual object fly by quickly. It was Light Brown in colour shaped like rectangular shapes close together. From my position it was approximately the size of a large egg.

It was not 100% clearly outlined but it was something I’ve never seen before. It did not make any noise while passing over.All I saw was 3 light brown rectangles pass over, there was no stream or flashing lights or anything like that.It passed across the sky in a dead straight line.

As it passed over it just disappeared with out fading away or anything like that in a westerly direction at approx 80 degrees to the horizon. It was also a clear night so no wind clouds or rain.

Only reaction was surrounding dogs in the area barking on and off for 20 minutes after I saw it. There were no physical effects or changes afterwards except for goosebumps from head to toe as I’ve never seen something like that before.

After the sighting I saw a shooting star. It was a very clear night so all the stars were visible. I am also very familiar with aircrafts and do have some astronomy knowledge.


Hoppers Crossing, Victoria, Australia


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