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Hodgson Vale, May 6 2009

Hodgson Vale, May 6 2009

pretty sure I saw a UFO last night (6th May 2009) in the skies over Hodgson Vale, which is located about 10 minutes beyond the outskirts of the Queensland city of Toowoomba.

I was carrying groceries in across the paddock from my car to my cottage at about 7pm. It was quite dark, and since I don’t have an outside light, I was using a torch to guide my way.

As I walked across the yard towards my cottage, I noticed some lights in the sky approaching me from the southwest. At first glance I took the aircraft to be a small plane, but a few idiosyncrasies caused me to go and stand out in the dark side yard to get a better look.

It was too dark for me to make out the aircraft itself – it was only its lights I could see. If the object had been a small plane (and it would have been a VERY small plane – about the size of a car), the three white lights I saw would have been located on its tail and two wing tips – i.e. they were arranged in a triangular formation. However, it was the red light that ran from side to side between the two front white lights that first alerted me to the fact that this might be something other than your average Cessna.

The second indicator that this might be something unusual was the fact that it was completely silent. There is a small aircraft owner in our neighbourhood, and there is no mistaking when he flies over because his aircraft’s engines make a lot of noise. This was obviously no normal aircraft because I could hear nothing, despite the solitude and quietness of my rural location, even when the object flew directly over me. If I hadn’t noticed the lights it would have flown over me without my ever knowing it was there.

The third indicator that this object was out of the ordinary was how slowly it was moving. I could have kept up with it at a brisk walking pace. Any normal aircraft would not have been able to maintain such a slow pace without dropping out of the sky.

As I stood watching it, the aircraft slowly flew directly overhead quite low – at about the height of a two-story building. I had to put my head back to look up at it as it slowly cruised overhead. I looked straight up into what would have been the belly of the aircraft, but still couldn’t make out a shape, which was also unusual – even at night, you can normally make out the shape of a plane flying overhead. I can only assume that it must have been made of a very dark coloured material. Strangely enough, I felt no fear – only curiosity.

Another odd thing happened at the same time as the vehicle was moving overhead. Off to the west, there was a roar of aircraft noise that lasted for several minutes, and sounded like jet engines.

The vehicle continued on its slow course, away over the paddocks. It took a long time to eventually disappear from view – maybe 15 minutes or so. It headed towards a small hill in the next paddock, hovered above it for a minute, before slowly disappearing from view behind it.

I watched for a while longer, and when it didn’t reappear went inside. I rang a friend of mine who flies small aircraft, and related my experience to him. To his knowledge, there are no small planes that have moving lights of the type that I saw. About 15 minutes later, I once again heard the roar of jets in the west, and ran outside to look, but couldn’t see anything. The following morning, a work colleague who lives at East Greenmount, which is located a further 5-10 minutes further out than where I live, mentioned how she and her husband had wondered about the loud jet activity between 7-7.30 pm, which they had put down to RAAF manoeuvres.

Since that night, the object has reappeared between 6.30 and 7.00pm every night, from behind the hill where it disappeared. It is a little distance away, so I can no longer visualize clear details, but it is still silent, moves very slowly, and I can make out the white lights and the moving red light (i.e. not flashing on and off like the tail light on a plane will do, but actually moving). Last night, a friend of mine drove further up my road for a clearer view, and actually saw TWO of the aircraft – once again silent, slow moving, and with the strobing red light.


Hodgson Vale, Queensland, Australia


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