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Hinze Dam, Gold Coast Sunday November 13 2004, 10.24am

Hinze Dam, Gold Coast Sunday November 13 2004, 10.24am

A man and wife and a friend were outside when the friend saw an object in the sky. He drew the couples attention to what initially appeared to be a ball in the sky. As it came towards them, they could see a metallic disk about 25 to 35 feet across and about 1000 to 2000 feet high. Apparent balls were seen underneath the object and there was a definite top to the disk. It also had regular dark patches evenly distributed beneath it as well as another ring. They were looking to the west and the object was moving quickly and erratically around in the sky. Eventually the disk disappeared behind some hills. The caller/husband is a fraud investigator so consequently he had his video camera near by so he managed to catch four and half minutes of it on film.

He has shown the footage to Channel 9 and the caller told me they were quite impressed with the footage. The caller said he had caught very good shots of the object as well as capturing good reference points in the film, such as his house, power lines and trees. He also stated that a halo could clearly be seen around the disk. He does not have the facilities to make a copy of the footage but has given us permission to come to his home and view it. Stay tuned for further reports.


Hinze Dam, Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia


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