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Hervey Bay, June/July 2001, 5.45am

Hervey Bay, June/July 2001, 5.45am

We live in River Heads Hervey Bay. One morning at about 5.45am my dad and my brother saw an unusual object which they say was a UFO. One night before this we saw a meteor land in the sea, as our house is near the sea. Two nights later we saw another similar object. About 2 weeks later we were coming home late one night and saw a bright light like an orange lightbulb in the sky and then all of a sudden there was another one next to it, and then they both extinguished, as though someone had turned the light off. We live on a road that leads to the barge to Fraser Island and have water on both sides. We have been looking out for other objects but have not had any luck. I have not believed in UFOs [not a hundred percent] but now I know there must be something out there.


Hervey Bay, Queensland, Australia


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