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Henty, NSW, January 10 2008, 8.40pm

Henty, NSW, January 10 2008, 8.40pm

It was exactly 8.40pm this evening and it was near sunset, sky was still quite clear. I was hanging some towels on the clothes line and just happened to look straight up to the sky and at a high altitude I saw a white object heading directly east. There was no sound and no white mist trail following like jets normally have, and it was moving quite fast. I also thought it was strange I have never seen jets come across in this direction. I grabbed my digital camera and took photos. It was very distant so I zoomed my camera in and when I downloaded the image onto my computer I was amazed as the shots. The pictures came out like it was a dark sky and the white object looked now like two reddish large discs — it was like one was towing the other! I live in Henty NSW in which is the southern Riverina region.


Henty, NSW, Australia


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