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Helensvale, March, 10.30pm

Helensvale, March, 10.30pm

We live in Helensvale on the Gold Coast. Our house is on a hill and sort of backs onto the M1 motorway. It was in late March 2012 at approximately 10.30pm that my mother and I, both being light sleepers, kept being woken up by helicopters flying back and forth over our house. It was so loud! The first thing we thought was it must be police helicopters searching for someone. My mother and I walked out the back door of our house and our three dogs were all running around the yard. We couldn’t see the helicopters outside. I moved to the side of the house and looked in the sky and there it was… this huge UFO!

It was round, very large, orange in colour, hazy around the outside of it, and it seemed to be so close to us! It sat in the same spot in the sky for about 15 seconds. I called my mum over with my eyes still fixated on this huge UFO! And I said to my mum, “That is not a ****** helicopter!!” We both didn’t say anything after this. It all happened so quickly — before we knew it, the UFO shot from the right side of the sky to the left side, so quickly it was impossible for your eyes to keep up with it. It just disappeared! My mum said to me after it happened, “You’re right… that wasn’t a helicopter or like anything I’d seen before!” It doesn’t matter how much of a sceptic you are with these things, once you see it with your own eyes, there is no denying we are not alone!


Helensvale, Queensland, Australia


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