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Helensvale, December 22 2008, 8.55pm

Helensvale, December 22 2008, 8.55pm

I live in Helensvale (Gold Coast QLD) and last night (22 December) at 8:55pm was outside with my mum and my sister and were talking when my mum looked up and said ‘look.’ She jokes around a lot of the time but she looked serious so I did, and for about half a second saw a light then it disappeared. At first we thought it was a meteor but it went from a sideward direction. We were talking about and I was just about to get my dad when a massive yellow light zoomed across the sky from a down and up direction. Myself, my mum and my sister witnessed this and my sister said it started in mid-air. This one was moving west and about 500 metres up. I would think other people saw this.


Helensvale, Queensland, Australia


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