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Hawthorne, Monday January 28 2008, 10.07pm

Hawthorne, Monday January 28 2008, 10.07pm

This evening at 10.07pm my girlfriend and I were walking home in Hawthorne, Brisbane from a friend’s place. It had been a clear day and the night sky was no different. When we arrived at my front gate we saw in the southern sky a glowing, constant orange light. It would have been the size of my thumbnail at arms length. We watched it cruise across the sky, faster than a plane but slow enough to be able to watch it for three minutes, run inside and grab my sister, and watch it a further minute or so. It then went in the direction of Mt Coot-tha, rose sharply at a 45 degree angle briefly, then vanished. It definitely wasn’t a plane or helicopter, nor a balloon of any sort. It had no flashing lights, nor any noise from where we were (although half an hour later we could hear a plane at the same distance). The three of us agree its one of the strangest things we’ve seen, and would like to make a report of this, plus find out if possible of any other sightings last night.


Brisbane, Hawthorne, Queensland, Australia


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