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Hawthorne, May 7, 2011, 4.30pm

Hawthorne, May 7, 2011, 4.30pm

I want to report an odd sighting this afternoon at around 4.30pm over the sky at Hawthorne. I was in the yard with my children when my son and I noticed two white lights in a southwest direction. We watched the lights for a minute or so trying to figure out what they were until it was apparent that I couldn’t identify them as anything familiar to me. One was a smaller circle and the second was larger and appeared to be pulsing or perhaps reflecting light. It looked as if it changed shape from circular to oval and back again at a constant rate. The objects made no noise and their movement was very smooth and steady, and much too slow for an aircraft.

The two lights stayed at a constant distance apart and moved as if the smaller was towing the larger one in a direct line from a southwest to northwest direction. I watched for about five minutes before I decided to get the camera, and when I went upstairs it wasn’t until I looked in the direction they seemed to be traveling that I noticed a cluster of three more much smaller lights. They all resembled very bright stars but it was still perfect daylight outside. Eventually the lights seem to fade with distance but not toward the horizon, and were gone completely after about ten minutes. I tried to take a photo but the lights didn’t seem to focus in my camera at all.


Hawthorne, Queensland, Australia


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