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Gympie, Tuesday November 5 2009, 9.15pm

Gympie, Tuesday November 5 2009, 9.15pm

I would like to report a sighting of a UFO which occurred on Thursday the 5th of November 2009 at approximately 9:15pm. The sighting occurred over the town of Gympie Qld.

The UFO was a boomerang-shaped formation consisting of an arrangement of four large blue-white lights. I could not discern any mass between the lights. The flight path was from south to north.

The UFO was completely silent, its speed would be at least five times that of commercial aircraft that fly over Gympie regularly. I also felt that the altitude of the craft would be about 5,000 metres, but it was hard to get this accurate.
This is not my first sighting over Gympie as on another occasion I saw a large formation of lights, possibly one very large craft, or a formation of many craft. The UFO or UFOs were at very high altitude, making it very difficult to get any perspective. In my estimate though I do think that it was more likely one craft, as the light formation remained constant throughout the sighting of no more than one minute duration.


Gympie, Queensland, Australia


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