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Gympie, August 4 2005, 9.00pm

Gympie, August 4 2005, 9.00pm

I have just had a sighting and felt compelled to report it. My friend and I were heading into town at approximately 9.00pm. We saw an extremely bright orange light hovering in the northern sky which proceeded to very erratically head south across the sky. After a few minutes it emitted a shot of orange that fell away for a few meters, then after another minute shot off another burst. These bursts were like flaming debris falling away. There was heavy cloud cover and no other stars were visible at all. It did not flash or pulse, but just emitted a constant orange light. It was the three strange bursts of light that fell away from the main object that were very odd. Being in Gympie this is very unusual. Definitely not a helicopter or plane, who knows. Hope this is of interest.


Gympie, Queensland, Australia


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