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Gympie, 1996, reported January 2010

Gympie, 1996, reported January 2010

My experience occurred in 1996 around November. It was a Saturday night at about 7.00pm I was in the passenger seat of a car with five other people ranging in age from 10 to 44 years old, travelling from Gympie to just near Tin Can Bay along the Gympie-Tin Can Bay road. When we spotted a formation of five lights in the sky directly in front of us at about 45 degrees in the air on the horizon, this formation was stationary. The formation looked like this.

* * *
* *

If I held a matchbox at arm’s length, that was how much space this formation took up in the sky. We casually observed this as we drove along for the next 3-5 minutes. As we pondered what it was, four of the lights seemed to suddenly disappear and one light was left that then started to do the most amazing manoeuvres all over the sky. By this stage we had parked the car and hopped out to get a better look.

The bright white light continued to do its extraordinary moves zigzagging, flashing from one point to another at extremely fast speeds then stopping, then starting what seemed like another lot of amazing manoeuvres. This continued for about three minutes until all of a sudden the light did the last of these moves and took off at incredible speed away from us towards the ocean and disappeared behind the tree line. We hopped back in the car adamant we had seen a UFO, because no plane and no human could fly like that — and I say no human as the G forces that thing would have been doing would have instantly killed a person. I reckoned 50 gs.

This sighting is also linked to another sighting. The 44 year old woman I saw this craft with was with a friend of mine a week earlier and they said they had seen a silver disc near the Ginger Factory at Yandina. I find this quite amazing as this woman said months earlier that she would show both my friend and I UFOs at some stage. I look back now and think, how did she know this and how did she seem to be able to predict this? I know this sounds totally unbelievable but it is true- I think this woman has some kind of link with these things. I have not seen her for years but I do think she knew more then she let on.


Gympie, Queensland, Australia


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