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Guy Fawkes National Park [NSW], April 3 2002, 3.00pm

Guy Fawkes National Park [NSW], April 3 2002, 3.00pm

A man and his girlfriend were camping in a National Park outside Coffs Harbour at 13oo metres above sea level when they observed a green fireball. Then about 1 ½ hours after sunset but while there was still a faint glow in the sky, they observed a grey halo shape moving from the western horizon to the eastern horizon taking 3 minutes to do so. This was followed by a second one that was not geometrically perfect and a third one like an aurora. Then bands of grey light appeared that were 4 to 5 degrees thick and took up about 50 degrees space in the sky. After this a UFO appeared as a red light doing acrobatic movements and appeared to be putting on a display to either attract or distract attention. It was observed for one minute then disappeared. It was obvious to both people that this was not a plane. Soon after a plane flew very slowly overhead.


Guy Fawkes River National Park, The Gulf, NSW, Australia


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