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Gundagai, Sunday April 22 2001, 1.45-2.05pm

Gundagai, Sunday April 22 2001, 1.45-2.05pm

A woman was driving on the Uringilli Road to Gundagai and noticed an object in the sky to her right, pacing her. It made no sound, was round and had no protruding parts. She thought of it as a “magnificent machine” with a lip like a casserole dish, and was silver in a blue sky. It moved like a “Rolls Royce” to the right in the sky until she got to Nangath, a small township on the way to Gundagai. She went into the local store and asked the keeper if they had sightings there, to which he replied “no”. She asked him to come out and look at this object in the sky. He came out and on looking to the indicated direction said: “That’s a flying saucer and it seems to be spinning”. She continued on and the object moved further away becoming indistinct in a vaporous cloud. She noted that RAAF Wagga was nearby and thought this might be relevant. At the time she did not want the object to be anything unusual and did not want to get “involved”.


Gundagai, New South Wales, Australia


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