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Greenslopes, September 18 2006, 6.20-6.25pm

Greenslopes, September 18 2006, 6.20-6.25pm

I observed three objects in total. Initially two bright white objects were in a stationary position below Jupiter in the west at around 6.20pm and while the sky was still light. Within a minute these two objects moved off in two separate directions. One moved to the northwest and ‘turned itself off’ just past Mt Coot-tha. The second object moved southeast, passing almost directly overhead. It moved at a steady pace and changed from pure white to an orangey-yellow colour the closer it got to 90 degrees. At just past 90 degrees [directly overhead] it passed a smaller and dimmer stationary star, but as it passed this ‘stationary’ star, the second star moved into position behind the first object [to form a straight line formation] and they both proceeded together at exactly the same distance apart and exactly the same speed the entire time. This second object did not accelerate to match the first object, it just seemed to move from stationary to the same speed as the first object instantly. It was completely uncanny. I watched them to the horizon, a total of almost 160 degrees of sky in about one and a half to two minutes, and they didn’t change magnitude at all which indicates to me that they were generating their own luminescence rather than reflecting the light from the sun as a satellite would. Further, the first object commenced its trajectory from a stationary position, effectively ruling out any possibility that it was a satellite.


Greenslopes, Queensland, Australia


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