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Greenbank, Thursday January 2005 13, 6.05am

Greenbank, Thursday January 2005 13, 6.05am

I was driving to work at approximately 6.05 Thursday morning with my 18 year old son on Middle Road , Greenbank, in a westerly direction. We were nearly to the start of Tiviot Road when I noticed a bright object reflecting the sun. It seemed to be travelling in an easterly direction at a constant speed. As it did so the sun stopped reflecting off it and I asked my son if he could see any wings or anything. He replied no. The object’s shape was circular and it seemed to be metallic in colour. As we drove along Middle Road the trees on the left side of the road got in the way of us seeing the object. We turned onto Tiviot Rd and could not see where it went. I believe the object was less than one kilometre away and approximately the size of a small plane. I have always been interested in this subject and this was my first sighting of this nature. I am interested in knowing if any other sightings were reported.


Greenbank, Queensland, Australia


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