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Goodna, Friday October 23 2009 11.15pm

Goodna, Friday October 23 2009 11.15pm

I saw something strange in the sky tonight above Goodna in Ipswich. It was moving very slowly and appeared to kind of hover over Goodna before it eventually moved on a bit faster in the direction of Brisbane.

It was hard to see the shape of the actual thing, but it had three lights, a red one on one side, then a gap, a green one on the other side, also with a gap to the centre part , and the middle had a rounded panel of bright clear lights. When I opened my car window to have a closer look it almost looked a bit triangular, almost like a fighter jet but with a rounded nose.

It was just very weird how it looked and moved. I saw it on Friday 23rd October at about 11:15 or so.


Goodna, Queensland, Australia


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