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Gold Coast, September 7 2008, 1.30pm

Gold Coast, September 7 2008, 1.30pm

At 1.30pm on Sunday September 7 2008 I was walking my dog in parkland at Labrador on the Gold Coast. I am interested in aviation and whenever I hear a engine I look skywards. Over a period of a few minutes I saw a red 737 and the distinctive underbelly of another carrier commencing final approaches into what I assume would be Brisbane airport. Shortly after the two jets had gone for some reason I looked skyward again. I saw a white circular object that after a few seconds of examination I considered to be a white balloon that had been released from a kid’s birthday party. I studied this object for a good five minutes. When I first saw it, it was approaching from over the ocean and heading in a westerly direction. The moon was also visible and I realised that the object was moving and stopping. I discounted the notion that it was a balloon because it had too much shape and it was too high. I have some skydiving experience and I would hazard a guess that it was higher than 10,000 ft. I considered that it was a military jet in a vertical climb but this is doubtful due to the time it was suspended in the sky. It was quite strange and I could not explain it so I looked away. A moment later I looked back into the sky and saw two more of exactly the same objects coming in high from over the sea. They were moving in the same direction but were in a loose formation, one in front of the other and out to the side. I came across a group of adults and children fishing and pointed out one of the objects I had watched to them. They also saw the object which was now inland and to the left of the sun. I would describe them as very bright stars but in the middle of a bright sunny day.


Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia


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