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Gold Coast, Saturday September 18 2004, 6.50pm

Gold Coast, Saturday September 18 2004, 6.50pm

A man and his wife, observed two rectangular objects moving in the southern sky. He was on his property about 9klms south east of Nanango when he saw the objects which he first thought to be flying crosses, until he could see sides to the objects as well creating a rectangular shape around the crosses. There were also coloured lights around the perimeter of the objects which appeared to be a couple of hundred nautical miles apart.

They travelled very quickly to one spot in the sky, stayed stationary then proceeded to move in circles, then took off. He thought the objects were 30 to 50 nautical miles away from him and they were each half the width of his wife’s palm at arm’s length. They also had dogs on the property that were spooked and still barking 30 minutes later. The dogs were specially trained dogs and this behaviour was unlike them.

The woman described the objects as making a whooshing noise. The couple were both “freaked out” by what they saw and described themselves as “level headed people who would be the last to report seeing UFOs”.


Gold Coast, Chicago, IL, United States


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