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Gold Coast, Qld, April 14 2010, 6.10pm

Gold Coast, Qld, April 14 2010, 6.10pm

I went outside to try and catch our bird which flew out of its cage and into a tree. As soon as I got out I saw a HUGE light fall from the sky and it reached the ground before vanishing. I thought it was a meteor or something until I noticed another light in the distance. I thought it was a really bright star or something. About five minutes later I noticed that the light moved about one centimetre to the left. I wasn’t paying full attention to it as I was trying to get my bird down. Finally about fifteen minutes later, I saw the light had moved backwards. I decided to walk out the front to see it. When I got out the front the light was gone. It wasn’t cloudy.


Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia


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