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Gold Coast, June 2002, midnight

Gold Coast, June 2002, midnight

Three people saw an intense orange light over Biggera Waters. They got in the car and drove down to the canal and looked over the water at the object. It kept rising as they watched it through binoculars. Through binoculars it looked like a white light covered with orange plastic. The light went out about three times while they watched it. It came in from the east, travelled west, then turned southwest. It was brighter than Venus and was about 20 stars across in diameter. On another occasion about 3 years ago the caller saw a triangular-shaped object over Mt Gravatt. He was on the verandah having a cigarette at about 9.00pm looking southeast when he saw some movement. And on yet another occasion, he saw something that looked to him, at first, like a flock of birds. While he was trying to figure out what birds they were he realised it was a solid object. He yelled to a friend but by the time the friend came outside it was fading out. The object had travelled at the speed of a light aircraft, it was silent and seemed to have a depth to it.. It appeared to be the size of a jumbo jet at 1km distance.


Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia


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