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Gold Coast, February 9 2008, 6.00pm

Gold Coast, February 9 2008, 6.00pm

I’m a 54 year-old business man who is very conservative and has never seen or reported seeing any UFOs in my life. I would not be reporting this sighting unless I can say with utter conviction that what I saw in the sky that evening was no airplane. We live in Bonogin, Queensland. which is in the hinterland hills overlooking the Gold Coast. It was about 6:00pm (sun going down but still light out), and I was sitting on my deck enjoying the view over the Gold Coast building skyline. The sky was clear with a few low clouds in the distance, so my visibility was unhampered. As I was sitting there peering out I noticed this dark grey object in the sky above the building skyline. At first glance it was on a 45-degree angle, like a plane banking over the buildings. I couldn’t tell which because in a few seconds the object righted itself so it was parallel in the sky. The object was cigar-shaped, slightly raised and thicker in the middle, and fairly thick and long from side to side. From the time that I first spotted it in the 45-degree angle to it righting itself, it had not moved from right to left, nor towards me or away from me as it did not increase or decrease in size. Once it righted itself it just sat there in one spot in the sky.

As I continued to watch this thing I was trying to put into perspective what it was that I was looking at. Then I fixated on its size — it was huge! At that distance I started comparing it to the size of the buildings below it. It might have been over the buildings or could have been further out over the ocean, from the angle I was at I could not be absolutely sure, but if it was out over the ocean that would have made it that much bigger. Either way, this object had to be at least the length of three 747s, nose to tail, as it sat there in the sky (and that’s if it was as close as the buildings). There were no lights and from my distance there was no sound that I could hear, just this huge dark grey cigar-shaped object sitting in the sky. It seemed like I was looking at this thing forever, but it probably was only for 45 to 60 seconds. Then it must have shot out straight away from me out over the ocean as this huge grey cigar object became very small very quickly and then disappeared from sight in a matter of a few seconds.

I went into the house and told my wife what I saw and told her I wanted to call the police to see if anybody else reported seeing it. It seemed impossible to me that I would have been the only one to see this thing. In the end I didn’t call but I bet my wife that it would be in the paper or on the news. Well, it wasn’t so I lost that bet, but I did see it. If anybody else reports seeing something that night I would love to know that I wasn’t the only one. I was in the Air Force so aviation has always fascinated me. What I saw that evening was no airplane!


Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia


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