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Gold Coast, August 5 1993

Gold Coast, August 5 1993

Hello, I heard you on radio 4BC and enjoyed the program. I thought I would share my experience of seeing a strange object at the Gold Coast in 1993. I have only shared this with my friends before.

It was Thursday night the 5th of August 1993. I was living in Meadowbrook Crescent Carrara and I was at home. It was a dark night and suitable for star gazing and I was to give a bit of a talk to a children’s club on Astronomy. I was looking toward the west between 9.00 and 10.00pm, when suddenly a huge ball of fire came up from the earth in the direction of the Hinze Dam area. It was a basketball size and shape with flames at its base. It was as if it had just launched like an Apollo rocket, but as an orange ball. Within about four seconds the flames coming out the bottom stopped and it was a perfect sphere.

This object, when it moved over towards me, was as large as a harvest moon is on the horizon, though this was above my head. It was a bright orange ball that was pulsating like it had a heartbeat. It moved over towards me and appeared to be only a hundred meters away. I noticed that it seemed to be like a see-through glass ball, and the pulsating orange light would expand to its perimeter at each pulse, which was about once a second or so. It seemed to be a fire inside a glass ball, but pulsating. As it floated above me I had the sensation that this object was observing me and it appeared to stop moving.

There was no sound associated with it. I banged on the window for my sleeping wife to come and see this incredible phenomena, but she was too lazy to get up. I pleaded with her and stated that she may never see anything like this again, but to no avail. I climbed back onto the road to continue my observation.

When studying the object more carefully I discovered that it had a fine red line on each side of the sphere that came down about half the diameter of the sphere below it. I watched the pulsating ball slowly float away from me toward the north and it got progressively smaller. The pulsations on some beats would almost extinguish itself, but it would brighten back up as it pulsed. It eventually became a bright orange star in the north as it headed toward Brisbane, and then it disappeared into the distance.

I shared my experience with my father the next day. He handed me the ‘Gold Coast Bulletin’ newspaper the day after that, which gave a report of this sighting as witnessed by several people. But the report gave an impression that it was only seen as a bright orange star, not as the larger than full moon size that I witnessed for a period of some five or so minutes before it slowly floated away, lasting another 10 to 15 minutes. I was glad others saw something also. I reasoned with myself that this strange object may have been some sort of energy release from the earth, or on the other hand some sort of spiritualistic manifestation. Being of the Christian persuasion I believe that supernatural things do occur on earth but they originate from earth. There are forces at work that are mostly unseen by the human eye but are sometimes manifested. I have included with this report a couple of diagrams of the object to the best of my ability.


Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia


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