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Gold Coast 1994, reported October 2008

Gold Coast 1994, reported October 2008

Between September and October in 1994 myself and a female friend were driving from Currumbin north towards Nerang on the back highway. We had just travelled 3/4 of our journey when I noticed out of the left hand side window looking out to the west (as I was in the passenger seat) some orange lights, probably between 10-15 of them. I told my friend to pull over on the side of the highway so we could get a better look at what was going on. We both watched these lights for a few minutes making geometric shapes in the sky then just flying around erratically. Other cars had pulled over to watch these lights, approximately seven other cars of people.

My question is did any other people report this sighting as I feel a bit stupid writing to you now so long after the event. The dates are not as close as I would like them to be for you to check your records as it happened so long ago but I’m hoping you might be able to tell me that there was an investigation and the powers that be found a meteor shower happened that day or something to that effect.


Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia


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