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Glass House Mountains, February 3 2002, 1.30am

Glass House Mountains, February 3 2002, 1.30am

I would like to inform you of a strange light myself and 2 friends witnessed. At approx 1.30am I was driving home on the Bruce Highway with some friends and was approximately in the area of the Glass House mountains, heading north. On the low horizon directly in front of us a distant orange light which looked like just an aeroplane was flying east relatively slowly which I only noticed for a few seconds before it all of a sudden shot off north out of view at great speed. It appeared to be probably hovering over some where between Coolum and Noosa and perhaps inland a bit from the coast before disappearing. It was a very overcast night so the possibilities of this being a shooting star is low and shooting stars don’t change direction at right angles! I would love to know if anyone else may have seen this as well!


Glass House Mountains, Queensland, Australia


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