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Gladstone, Queensland

Gladstone, Queensland

I live in Gladstone Queensland Australia. I had a very frightening experience that happened to me back around in the year 1992. I’ve been thinking about telling you guys about it now for a while, i still get creeped out by this experience, as it’s often not to far from my minds thought.

At the time this happened the house we were living in was in a cul de sac, which backed onto heavily wooded state forest land, we had neighbours either side of our house, but the neighbours homes were not that close to ours, and had a few rows of trees between our homes. At the back of our home was nothing but miles and miles of state forest. At the rear of our house we had a patio about 2 metres wide, and beyond the patio was our small unfenced yard, not far beyond that was a 3 meter wide deep creek that would only fill up with water if we had a LOT of rain. And it’s on the other side of this deep creek where the state forest began.

One late night around 10.30pm or so i was watching tv in the living room by myself, I’d decided to call it a night so i turned the tv off, then went to check if all the doors were locked before going to bed. At the rear of the house we have a large glass sliding door, that faces the forest. As i was locking this door i noticed what looked like to be a green light amongst the trees, (i was looking through the glass in the door, the door was closed) at first i tried to rationalize this by thinking it’s probably just a reflection from the inside of the house against the glass of the door. But when i turned around and tried to find the source of this green light in the house there was none. I can’t explain it but i had a bad feeling when i first noticed this light, it made me feel very uncomfortable and anxious. So i faced the door again and i could still see this green light amongst the trees. The light was stationary.

(Well…they say curiosity killed the cat) I was still scared, by this time very cautious as well, but i let my curiosity get the best of me, so i slid the door open, which immediately led out to the rear patio, i stepped out to the edge of the patio to get a much closer look.(i could see that the light was coming not very far from the other side of the creek where the forest began) After few seconds of looking at this light, i realized it wasn’t a light at all, it was a mist, a glowing green mist! And this mist was illuminating the trees and ground around it! As if this didn’t freak me out enough i noticed something moving down low near the ground and trees amongst the mist, to my absolute terror i realized it was a humanoid shape, i craned my neck forward to zoom in on this figure (there was no way i was walking any closer) And i realized this humanoid figure had some kind of tight fitting black or if not black dark colored body suit on which also covered the head of the figure. (the green mist illuminated this figure) I could see He or She or It, was crouching down looking at the base of a tree. By this time i was going out of my mind with fear and foreboding, then when i thought things couldn’t get worse, i seen the figure turn it’s head and looked at me! It noticed me looking at it, and it just seemed to be staring at me! That was enough for me that night, i turned around and ran inside the house locking the door behind me. I had so much trouble sleeping after that, for months i slept with the light on in my room, i was terrified.

I was around 19 years old at the time, i was very fit and looked after myself very well, i was a competitive cyclist, and basically lived like a monk, i never did any type of drug, and never had any alcohol of any sought at that age. There were no houses or anyone living in that state forest at the time, but now they’ve bulldozed a few acres of forest behind our old home and now it’s a new housing estate.


Gladstone Queensland Australia


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