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Gladstone [QLD], 1994, 11-12.30am [reported January 2007]

Gladstone [QLD], 1994, 11-12.30am [reported January 2007]

It was late and I had decided to turn the lights out for the night. Our house at the time backed onto state forest, no houses or streets were behind us. A dry deep creek bed ran right through our backyard boundary, in line with the house. As I was walking towards the sliding glass door to lock it [located at the back of the house], I noticed a green misty light in the forest. At first I thought it was a reflection off the glass, so to make sure I opened the door. The light was still visible, and I walked a few feet closer and had a good look at what I was seeing. The green light was not far above ground height, and it looked to be some kind of green glowing mist around the source of the light, which looked like a sphere, [but I couldn’t say for sure about the shape of the light source], and lit up a small area of surrounding tree trunks. As I was watching this, for around a minute, I noticed a humanoid shape amongst the light and mist. It seemed to be kneeling down on one knee beside a trunk of one of the trees. I did not see any features of the entity, but I could clearly see a humanoid shape amongst the light and mist. I quickly and quietly retreated inside, closed and locked the door for the night and slept with my light on. This scared the heck out of me, and I still find it very difficult to talk or discuss this with anyone. Even now I am feeling a state of anxiety. The thing that I saw was on the other side of the creek bed, and about 12metres into the forest from the edge of the creek bed, around a total of 80 meters away from our house. I seem to remember when my grandmother was alive and living with us at that house, she told my mother about some strange lights she saw late one night, in an area not too far from the lights I saw myself. My grandmother described to my mother what she thought was a tree lit up, with lights coming from the ends of the branches. She watched this for over half an hour but decided not to tell anyone or wake up anyone the night of her sighting.


Gladstone, Queensland, Australia


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