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Gladstone, May 18, 2011, 6.15pm

Gladstone, May 18, 2011, 6.15pm

I would like to lodge a sighting of a possible UFO dated 18/5/2011. I live in Wivenhoe Close, Gladstone Qld, facing southeast, and have never seen a confirmed UFO, although when I was 16 I did see, along with three of my mates, a very bright orange light while we were standing on top of a hill overlooking an expansive valley in the Blue Mountains, Sydney. I still remember it to this day, but have always passed it off as the reflection of the sun on an aeroplane. I did some following up many years later to learn that where this bright orange light was approximately located over the valley, there are no commercial airline routes.

At approximately 18:15 in the evening (May 18 2011), I went to put the rubbish out, stopped for a cigarette, and looked up at the sky as I usually do, hoping to see a UFO or at the least a shooting star and the Milky Way. As I was about to head back inside I noticed two lights that I thought were the lights of an aircraft. There was one bright light at the stern and one smaller light at the bow, both perfectly parallel and as bright as aircraft lights. They were separated from each other and moving in a south-easterly direction. However, whilst intensely waiting for the flashing beacon, there was none, and there was also no noise of an aircraft passing as there usually is from a jet, commercial dual engine prop or light single prop, or helicopter aircraft that we have at our airport. There is always a sound. I have never witnessed an aircraft in the sky whether landing, taking off or cruising not to have beacon lights or the noise of an engine in this area directly above me. I looked closely for the beacon lights and waited for the noise but there was none. The lights then moved directly in front of a star, and the star passed directly between the two lights (there was a gap where I could see the star). There seemed to be no fuselage. I kept watching for the beacon lights and aircraft engines for approximately another minute until the lights just faded and disappeared. I couldn’t believe it when they just disappeared. From the time the lights were directly above me I followed the lights with my eyes until they vanished. They were not descending or rising, just cruising at what appeared to be a noticeable stable altitude, with no flashing beacon and no noise until they just faded and vanished.


Gladstone, Queensland, Australia


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