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Giant black mass blocking stars perfectly round shoots into black hole

Giant black mass blocking stars perfectly round shoots into black hole

Kallangur November, 2021. 10pm.
My partner and I were standing on her veranda at around 10 pm at night. We were just gazing into the stars for a good couple of minutes when I realised there was a rather big mass of blackness in the sky where we were on the veranda. It looked the size of a football field or a stadium and almost perfectly blended in with the sky. I remember the black mass being so black, almost empty looking. I had to really concentrate. It is hard to type what it looked like but it was the blackest thing I have ever seen. I could only see the outline due to it blocking the mass amount of stars that were out that night. I then told my girlfriend to look closely and as she saw it she was almost dazed as it seemed surreal. Within a second it shot into what looked like a perfect black hole right in front of it, which I didn’t notice before, making me think it just appeared and the big black mass disappeared, I’m assuming, into it. For a few seconds it left behind an atomic green coloured faint misty light or matter which was very vague, yet decently noticeable. After a few seconds the black hole “closed” in on itself. I had to catch my girlfriend half way through all of this as she passed out from shock and finds it hard to believe what she saw, as do I. I haven’t heard of anyone seeing anything like this. It was absolutely mind boggling to the point I feel slightly insane. I’ve been clean all my life and never had any mental issues. I know what I saw and I hope this information helps someone to express anything similar as I surely can’t be the only person on the planet to have seen this. I just cant believe there’s things like this out there. I held myself back from sharing for so long because I knew no one would believe me. Thanks for taking your time to read.

*A member of our team has since contacted the witness who added that the black mass was perfectly circular in shape and appeared half way up in our atmosphere blocking out the stars. He described the black hole in front of the UFO to be a “swirling space” about 1/4 size of a 5 cent piece. At no time was any sound heard. The witness remembers feeling like he was in a trance, trying to comprehend what was happening, and felt quite hazy after the event.


Australia, Brisbane


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