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Gailes, Monday October 16 2006, 9.30pm

Gailes, Monday October 16 2006, 9.30pm

At about 9:30pm on 16/10/06 I observed three yellowish lights in an equilateral triangle formation travelling in a south to north direction. I observed the lights from my deck at Gailes [halfway between Ipswich and Brisbane]. The lights were about the same apparent size and colour as your average star – that is, a dim pale yellow colour – and did not flash or waver. At first I thought it was a shooting star, but then as it was travelling at a constant rate I thought it must have been a satellite, as it seemed very high up as it tracked ‘between’ the stars. As my eyes accustomed to the light I saw to my great surprise that there were actually three lights in formation. The size of the formation was as if it would fit across the tip of my index finger with my arm fully outstretched, if that helps. I also noticed that there was no sound at all; a low flying jumbo jet passed over from east to west five minutes later and it really highlighted the noise, flashing lights and red and green lights of your standard jumbo. That’s about all I can say as they quickly disappeared out of sight to the north. My first thought was ‘UFO’, and my next one was ‘spy plane’. Maybe it was just a regular plane. Could you shed any light on this?


Gailes, Queensland, Australia


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