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Gailes, May 26 2006, 6.15pm

Gailes, May 26 2006, 6.15pm

A witness observed two flashes in the eastern sky and heard reports some seconds later. She has a telescope and on the previous night at about 7.00pm she saw a bright light near a star in a moonless, cloud-free sky, which ‘went off’. Southeast Queensland, May 26 2006, 10.00-10.08pm I was outside taking the rubbish out and I saw a star that appeared to be flashing blue, green and yellow. I called my wife who also saw it and got the binoculars so we had a closer look. We both definitely saw it and it looked just like a star but flashing those colours. After around 2-3 minutes it faded and disappeared.


Gailes, Queensland, Australia


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