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Fraser Island 2007

Fraser Island 2007

We received an interesting report in August from a man who was moored off Fraser Island four years ago. He was with his wife and another couple in their boat and it was sometime between 8.00 to 9.00pm. They were 200 to 300 yards (180 to 270 metres) off the beach and could see three small lights moving along the beach. Two of the lights seemed to be meeting up with the other one which was more stationary. When all the lights finally came together about 40 seconds later, the four witnesses observed a saucer-shaped object rise off the beach taking off into the sky at a 15 degree angle, then rising to pass over their boat about 50ft (15 metres) away and 30ft (9 metres) above them. The main witness described being able to see inside the object which was lit up a ‘lettuce-green colour,’ but could not see any occupants. Externally, the middle of the object was spinning and turned slowly, revolving once every four seconds. The top of the object ‘appeared like glass’ and the top ‘cabin’ tapered to the centre. The lower part of the object was metallic looking but did not reflect any light. Witnesses heard no sound during their observation which was for less than 30 seconds. They were amazed!


Fraser Island, Queensland, Australia


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