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Forestville, New South Wales, March 20 2010, 10.20pm

Forestville, New South Wales, March 20 2010, 10.20pm

I would like to report a sighting that’s just happened 20 minutes ago (10:20pm) approximately. I don’t live in Queensland but I just found this site and thought I should report it just in case someone else saw what I saw, or has seen something like it before.

Our toilet was being used by someone so I went outside to take a leak, and I looked up at the stars as I normally do and this dark black object was going right over my head. It was large – I’m not sure how big, you couldn’t really grasp its size and with the angle I was looking at, it probably wouldn’t be a good estimation anyway. I watched it for about 10 seconds until it had gone so far it had disappeared into the darkness. You could sort of track it across the sky because of the faint lights on the bottom of it. It was weird, the lights were all over the bottom and there wouldn’t have been more than a dozen, but the lights were all sort of connected by beams of light. But it was so dull — if you were to look up at the stars and find the dullest looking star in terms of brightness, it would have been that bright.

It all happened so quick that when I realised that it was something other than stars, I tried to admire it and take in its details. I called for my brother and he also caught a faint glimpse of it. Apart from the picture I suppose all the information I can give you is that it was triangle-shaped, and that as it moved the stars that were visible disappeared until it passed over. I live in Forestville NSW, and the object was heading towards Chatswood, which is a southerly direction. I’ve flown enough and know enough about planes to know that this thing was bigger than an A380 easily. It was pretty quick — it wasn’t really strolling across the sky. Planes that fly over that high don’t go that fast, and there were no red or green lights that would be associated with standard commercial aircraft.

I don’t know if its related, but on Thursday (the 18th of March) we had two military helicopters flying over our house at least three times during the day, and really low as well. I think they were Apache helicopters and I remember thinking how cool it was, but I was intrigued as well because we’ve never had any military planes or helicopters fly over my suburb in the six or so years I’ve lived here. The nearest military base is Richmond, which is about one and a half hours drive away.


Forestville, New South Wales, Australia


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