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Forestdale (Logan Qld), July 21 2009, 00:57 am

Forestdale (Logan Qld), July 21 2009, 00:57 am

I happened to stare outside from my room for some reason, (I might call it a very brief nightwatch and I am a member of UFO Research Queensland Inc), and noticed a very bright white light. It seemed to be about 3-5mm in diameter, and was at a direction of NNE at a low angle. The height was much lower than commercial planes. There was no noise and no flashing lights. Then the light moved slowly upward for about 1cm and changed direction slightly to left and disappeared. It lasted for less than 10 seconds. I kept monitoring for about 30 seconds but never saw it again. The sky was clear. This was my second sighting in my life.


Forestdale, Queensland, Australia


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