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The following was received via email in July 2000:

The following was received via email in July 2000:

Good morning. I just had to write this down, so I know that I didn’t imagine it. Yesterday, I was taking a picnic lunch up to Binny who was working up at Wakes Lagoon – which is about 60km north of our house. Anyway, it was 11:10am and I was on the road near the airstrip, [Adavale] – which means I was heading west – when right in front of me came something down from the sky – it was falling really fast, and looked like metal disintegrating and was so bright that I had to close my eyes and stop the car. [of course I stopped the car first] Darcy saw it too and was very excited – at first I thought it was going to cross on the road ahead of me – like a whirly wind sometimes does – then I thought we would hear a big bang when it hit the ground, but I guess it burnt up before it impacted because it got to the tree line on the other side of the airstrip and … well… nothing – it vanished. I was tempted to drive over to where I saw it go down, but I was running late and I figured whatever it was would still be there when we got back. Then we got back very late last night, so I missed it in the dark. When I got to Wakes and discussed it with some others, we decided that it could have been a shooting star – because that is not unheard of, but it was so fast and the streak was so bright – it was, I’m sure like metal burning up and disintegrating. Has anybody mentioned a missing satellite lately? Who can I ask? Anyone got the number of the FBI Unexplained phenomenon’s? This is a job for Mulder & Scully! Really bizarre!

In a further message, the witness stated: The man who reported it to the ABC Longreach Radio lives about 200km north of us and if he said it went down 100-200metres from him, it must have been a very long way away for both of us, unless we saw two separate parts of the same broken up …thing… I’m surprised to hear that the report made it to the city.

[There were other similar reports of this sighting on ABC radio news Longreach with other witnesses some distance from each other, and all stating that the object was very close to them. Further, a Courier-Mail article explained the occurrences as a meteor shower. Alert readers will have noticed in our Sightings section a number of sightings around the 7th and 8th of July. Coincidence…? – PP]



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