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Flaxton, QLD. 5 June, 2017. Flashing Lights Over Hinterland

Flaxton, QLD. 5 June, 2017. Flashing Lights Over Hinterland

Was driving through Woombye last night heading home around 6pm or so when I saw a large bright light in the distance with flashing lights (seemed to be red and green and perhaps white as well, maybe more colours). I thought at first it was just a plane but as I wound through the twists and turns of the road it remained steady in the sky and didn’t seem to be moving in any particular direction. I was very intrigued by this stage and kept my eyes on it expecting it to eventually prove to be a helicopter hovering or disappear out of site but it didn’t. I continued to have visual on it all the way from Woombye up Phillips Road and into Flaxton where I live. I was shocked to still see it in the distance when I turned onto Akala Street. There is a small crest there that provides a vantage towards the back of the hinterland. It is there I clearly saw the light still hovering (and perhaps banking/turning at some points based upon how the light seemed to bend?) in the distance and on top of that I swear there were at least one or two other small lights darting around beneath it. I stopped the car and watched them and the bright lights eventually descended out of sight heading in a downward right trajectory almost as if it were landing somewhere. Still a bit amazed by what I saw and told my partner as soon as he got home, but thought I should share right away with your society while it’s all fresh in my memory and see if anyone else reported seeing the same last night?


Flaxton, Queensland


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