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Flaxton, Blackall Ranges, August 9 2007

Flaxton, Blackall Ranges, August 9 2007

My 22 year old son may have seen a UFO Last night between 3.30am and 3.45am. He was up late working on his computer, and when he decided to go to bed, glanced out of his bedroom window. He noticed what he thought was a very large, bright star in the sky, when suddenly it flew off. He said that it would stop suddenly and then fly off in another direction. This continued for several minutes. He said that the light emanating from the craft was very bright, and that it had other colours that came from it as well, for example, blue, green and red. It was a very clear sky last night, and my son was so certain that he was seeing a UFO that he dragged me out of bed at 3.45am! We both went outside, but I didn’t see it, and he said when we went outside, he saw the craft sitting still again before it suddenly disappeared.

I told a friend about my son’s sighting, and she said that she may have seen the same thing or similar. She sits outside on her verandah at night, also in Flaxton, as she hates the TV. Anyway, she said that she has also seen what appears to be a very bright star which suddenly moves off quickly to one side for example, and then stops again. She has called her partner out to watch it, and said that they wondered if it was a UFO. She said that she has been waiting to hear if anyone else has seen it and reported it. I don’t know if this is the same as my son’s sighting, but it sounds similar.


Flaxton, Queensland, Australia


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