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Fernvale, Tuesday October 22 2002, 8.20pm

Fernvale, Tuesday October 22 2002, 8.20pm

A man reported the sighting of an unusual object, just south of Fernvale near Pine Mountain west of Brisbane. He saw a dark shadow to his east about 400 m away at treetop level which moved to the West. It passed over him and his vehicle at about 50 feet, stopped to his left and displayed six bright lights on its underside arranged in a regular pattern. He stopped his vehicle to observe more closely, and another red vehicle also stopped behind him. An even brighter light then shone out from the front of the object brightly illumining the ground beneath it. In the reflected glow the man then saw a huge box shaped object about 200feet by 100 feet by 30 feet in size. The object then dimmed again, veered left and shot off to the west. Less than a minute after the object’s departure two jets passed low over the area in the same general direction as the departing object. While the two vehicles were stationary, two other vehicles passed the site and would have seen the brightly lighted object as well. A copy of this report has been sent to the local media with a request for the other witnesses to contact our Association.


Fernvale, Queensland, Australia


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