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Fernvale, Tuesday December 9 2001, 9.00pm

Fernvale, Tuesday December 9 2001, 9.00pm

A man was driving on the highway towards Ipswich. When he was approximately 10kms from Fernvale, near the Booralan prison, he observed a white light one km in front of him. The light appeared to be on the roadway ahead of him but as he approached it jumped up in a vertical direction to the height of about 20 feet above the road. It then moved sideways and travelled above the tree line appearing to keep pace with the vehicle. He phoned his wife on his mobile phone and she reported seeing it too. The light began to change to red, white and an “orangey weird colour”. The object travelled past Fernvale out towards Esk then back over Fernvale eventually speeding up towards Ipswich. The witness lives in the flight path of Amberley and stated that the jets did not travel as fast as this thing. He rang Amberley and was told their tower was closed and the airspace restricted.


Fernvale, Queensland, Australia


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