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Fernvale, Queensland, Saturday April 14 2007, 7.15pm

Fernvale, Queensland, Saturday April 14 2007, 7.15pm

My girlfriend and I decided to go camping at Savages Crossing, Fernvale. We packed up the car and headed off at about 6.00pm on Saturday 14th April 2007. We arrived at Fernvale at about 7.15pm and turned right off the highway at the phone box and drove to a T-intersection. We then turned left and after about 500 metres the road turned 90 degrees right and then became gravel. This area has a few acreages and is sparsely populated. We went over a rise in the road after 200 metres of gravel and then both saw something we had never seen before. On the tree-line to our left, over a cattle paddock, was a metallic grey saucer of about 30-40 metres in circumference. It had equidistant lights around its periphery and they were all colours of the spectrum. The craft appeared to be startled by our presence and shot off into the distance at an immeasurable speed. We both looked at each other and were dumbfounded by what had taken place. The funny thing is we weren’t scared at all and felt quite secure about proceeding to the campsite. All through that night we saw lights in the sky that were unusual, but they seemed to keep their distance and just appeared to be observing us.


Fernvale, Queensland, Australia


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