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Everton Hills, 1995-1997 [reported January 2006]

Everton Hills, 1995-1997 [reported January 2006]

I’ve decided to write about an experience I and an old friend had some time ago. I’m not sure of the exact date or year to be honest, but never the less would like to know what you think as the experience stirs in my mind from time to time.

Around 1995-1997, between 7.30-11.00pm, a friend was driving me home to Everton Hills, Brisbane. We were pulling into the driveway when I noticed some lights in the sky to our left. We stopped the car and got out and were able to witness at least seven or eight lights travelling south-south-east right towards and over what seemed to be the centre of Brisbane city. It all lasted about a minute. They burnt bright white and travelled horizontally with large, white, thick tails dragging behind them. They were in no pattern that we noticed and seemed to be not a lot higher in altitude than Everton Hills, where we were viewing them from. The white trailing tails they sported were like very large and long white bed sheets, wispy to a point, but the tails spread out like that of a comet-tail goldfish [best way I can describe it] and were quite out of proportion. The main detail of interest that sticks in my mind is that the objects I could clearly see were catching up to one another then dropping back, over and over, randomly between the seven or so. I believed we had seen UFOs, which I’ve been dreaming of witnessing my whole life. In the paper the next day it was reported that an asteroid had broken up over the city. I immediately thought that was a load of crap. Don’t meteors and asteroids travel at an angle towards the ground and how can parts increase and decrease in speed? Does anyone else remember this incident? I’d love to compare notes.


Everton Hills, Queensland, Australia


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