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Eureka USA, 1976 [reported June 2005]

Eureka USA, 1976 [reported June 2005]

After a lot of years I feel, after watching a special on the History Channel, that I should come clean with what I know.

1. In 1976 while serving onboard a US Navy Submarine I witnessed what were three objects in the sky close to us. The details are very long.

2. While living here in Montana I was taken and put back into my bed next to my wife whom I woke and she recalls this. It was also a long and very terrifying experience, as I witnessed the craft leaving and can recall its design to details. Other Eureka residents saw this craft the same night.

I am more than willing to share these experiences with the proper people. I held a secret clearance at 18 years old; I also worked at NASA between 1980-1987 on the shuttle.


Eureka, CA, USA


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