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Emerald Friday March 15 2002, 8.00pm

Emerald Friday March 15 2002, 8.00pm

Six witnesses observed an orange light steadily approaching them and making no sound. 3 flares shot out and it stopped while one flare came down. Then it moved southwest and faded. It was first seen in the southeast at an elevation of 45 to 50 degrees. The witness also reported seeing a UFO over a big dam in the area [Fairburn Dam] about 10 years ago. He observed it for 10 minutes. When he was a kid [30 to 35 years ago] he saw a saucer nest on a golf course which was about 20 feet in diameter. There was a circular depression in the reeds and the top of the grass was flattened.

One of the other witnesses called in with her version of events. She stated that an orange light was travelling west going slowly in the direction of Fairburn Dam. It was going across the sky, lower than a satellite, higher than a plane, and round in shape. It was travelling across the sky getting lower. She was looking south to begin and looking SW when she lost sight of the object. She estimated it was about 60 degrees above the horizon and 3 times bigger than a star. She also observed there were a lot of shooting stars that night.


Emerald, Queensland, Australia


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