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Ellangowan State Forest, NSW. Occurred 1984

Ellangowan State Forest, NSW. Occurred 1984

A man loaded his truck at KR Darling Downs in Brisbane with the intention of delivering goods to Casino then Grafton. After unloading at Casino he continued his journey. As he was driving along the road that ran through the Ellangowah State Forest, and all of a sudden everything lit up as bright as day. He leaned forward to look up to his left and saw a green oval-shaped object about 100metres from his truck and 50metres off the ground. It was the size of a house and pacing his car. It had a fuzzy outline and was dark green. He sat back and continued driving, feeling wonder and surprise which seemed to last for 30 seconds. He didn’t remember having any other reactions.

Then he felt a bit of shock, then more shock as he realized he was driving into the outskirts of Grafton. The clock in the service station he drove into said 11.50pm, but he didn’t expect to arrive until 12.50am. Somehow he had driven to Grafton arriving far earlier than expected and had no recollection of the drive from the Ellangowan State Forest to Grafton, approximately 85kms.


Ellangowan, Queensland, Australia


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