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Eatons Hill, 2005 (approx.), reported August 2009

Eatons Hill, 2005 (approx.), reported August 2009

It was some time between 2004 and 2006 in either Summer, Autumn or Spring (I remember it wasn’t cold), and I was living WITH at Eatons Hill in Brisbane. Myself and two people I was living saw some UFOs one night. We were facing towards Samford and a series of orange oval glowing shapes cruised across the sky from left to right. There were about 5-8 of them in a row, roughly in line with each other. They moved across the sky in basically a straight line. There was no detail and no sound, just an orange glow, and they looked just like orange street lamps, but far away and up in the sky. A few minutes after the lights passed, another set of about four came across the sky along the same path as the first bunch. To me it looked like they were all separate UFOs and not two big UFOs.

Then about a month later I was driving in Bridgeman Downs at night (which is near Eatons Hill) along a street that had street lamps, and out of the corner of my eye I noticed that one of the “street lamps” was not passing by like the rest. I looked up and saw a UFO, which looked exactly the same as the ones I had seen a month earlier, but there was only one. I got to the house at Bridgeman Downs and ran inside to tell my family. They all came outside and saw it — it was floating around the patch of sky in our view. It was orange, oval, no detail, no sound — exactly the same as the other UFOs. My dad is a huge skeptic and he got his binoculars out and we all had a look at the UFO through the binoculars, but it looked exactly the same as it did with the naked eye — no detail, just a glow that looks just like an orange street lamp. I can’t remember how they all disappeared, I think they just faded out as if they were flying upward into space. I don’t know why these stories are never on the news, I couldn’t have been the only one to see it as it wasn’t late at night so a lot of people would have been awake.


Eatons Hill, Queensland, Australia


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